Behind the Screen: What is Online Tutoring?

It is no secret that much of the world has become virtual: from Zoom meetings to online shopping, many in-person activities can now be done online. K-12 education is no exception.

Districts today are faced with the challenge of teacher staffing shortages, growing parent concerns, and catching students up from learning lost during the pandemic. Increasingly, they are turning to online solutions for help.

Online tutoring is one of the most effective ways to accelerate student learning, but it takes a variety of forms. Dive into how online tutoring can move the needle for school districts below.


Measurable Growth

Tutoring delivers outstanding and measurable results. On average, students who work with a tutor see 30% more academic growth than their peers.  In one Las Vegas High School, only 33% of students passed their standardized tests. On the other hand, almost 80% of students who work with a tutor pass similar assessments.

Why the difference? Tutors provide students with personalized attention and can help them work through specific questions, filling comprehension gaps.

The personalized attention tutors provide does more than just help students master academic material: as students start to feel more confident in their classes, their self-esteem grows.

They begin to feel more prepared to meet academic and social challenges head on.


Improved Learning Opportunities

Tutoring equalizes student’s access to learning by offering extra flexibility. Tutors can provide special learning accommodations to support specific groups of students, like special needs students or English Language Learners.

Although the classroom environment has many benefits for K-12 students, it can also make it difficult for some students to concentrate. Tutoring doesn’t have quite as many social and environmental distractions, giving students the opportunity to focus on a singular topic for a limited time.


So, Why Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring complements in-class learning and offers a variety of benefits over traditional tutoring methods.

For example, online tutors use data-driven assessments to help students succeed. These assessments allow tutors to pinpoint a student’s specific learning needs while also reporting progress back to their teachers and parents


What is Intervene K-12?

Intervene K-12 is a tutoring provider for districts all across the country. We combine data-driven instruction with small group, high-impact tutoring to help students and districts achieve their goals. Learn more about how Intervene K-12 helps school districts here.


About Us

At Intervene K-12, we engage and empower students to achieve their academic goals. We unlock the potential of educators and administrators, improving their ability to lead and use data to deliver world-class instruction. We accomplish this by infusing innovative technology and educational expertise in our high-impact, high-dosage tutoring programs.