How Tutoring Develops Students Outside the Classroom

It’s no secret that tutoring helps students succeed in the classroom. From personalized support, to focused practice problems, K-12 students benefit greatly from small-group tutoring. What you may not know is how far tutoring goes outside of the classroom.

Read more about how the positive impacts of tutoring go beyond academic performance below.


Increased Confidence

As many teachers know, few students start out on the same playing field. Differing home situations, learning styles, and economic means create inequalities within the classroom.

It’s natural for children to compare themselves to their peers. In small doses, this aids social skills. However, it can also lead to negative self-perception of their ability to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Fortunately, Mentor Education UK explains that through tutoring, learning difficulties that could potentially destroy a student’s confidence can instead be turned into confidence boosters.”

For example, a student who may be learning English may feel isolated and struggle to communicate. By being paired with a tutor specializing in English learning support and being surrounded by a group of other English learners, they can find the perfect place to grow.

K-12 education is more than teaching comma rules and algebraic equations. It’s also about developing student’s social skills and self-worth. Tutoring provides a unique opportunity for students to build confidence in themselves and their abilities.


Develop Lifelong Learning Skills

In addition to building confidence, tutoring also removes some of the negative stigma surrounding school work for K-12 students.

We know that students are rarely excited about their most difficult subjects. They often describe classroom instruction as boring and the homework as pointless. Tutoring can help these students become more engaged in the course material, even in subjects they find difficult.

When students master difficult topics, they grow and become more appreciative of the learning process. Why? Tutoring helps students learn how to learn. Good tutors teach students effective problem-solving and study habits, setting them up for future academic success.

Then, when applying to higher education or work, students can step forward knowing they have what it takes to learn new things in a way most relevant to their learning style.


Teacher-Family Transparency

Perhaps the most important benefit of tutoring is the connection that it fosters between students and their support systems. Where students may be too embarrassed or shy to inform their teachers and parents that they are struggling, tutoring provides a no-stakes environment to ask questions and test understanding.

Many K-12 students are far from excited to tell their parents that they did poorly on a test, or say that they don’t understand the lesson they just heard in front of their entire class.

A tutoring session offers a much safer environment. Although teachers and families will receive reports on the student’s progress, students don’t have to feel embarrassed admitting that they aren’t doing well.

It’s a win-win for everyone. With tutoring, students become more confident and perform better in class. Teachers receive additional support to help fill learning gaps. Finally, districts and families get a clear picture of a student’s academic progress.


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