Ways Data-Driven Education Helps Students

Learning loss is a huge issue for school districts all across the country today. Fortunately, specialized tech solutions are here to help.

To help students adjust to a new world of hybrid learning, districts are partnering with online technology partners to help improve student outcomes. Here are some ways that data-driven education is helping students and districts succeed.


Customized Learning

Districts can use data-driven tools to set better learning targets for students. When districts add online learning options to the classroom, there’s more room for personalization. Data allows us to analyze where students need help as we connect with students and address learning loss.

For example, some students may need help with their reading and writing skills while others struggle in math. Data-driven programs can customize learning modules allowing students to practice in specific areas.

Districts often turn to data-driven programs to help provide additional support for English Language Learners or students with learning disabilities.


Testing Specific Curriculum

Performance on standardized tests, like the MAP can help districts receive additional state funding and demonstrate learning progress. Unfortunately, in recent years student performance on the MAP has dropped about 10% from past standards.

Exam preparation is always hard on students and teachers. Fortunately, data-driven education can help. A combination of in-person and online learning tools can provide a wide range of practice assessments to combat testing anxiety.

As standardized tests are increasingly administered online, exposing students to practice assessments on a computer can help them feel more confident on test-day.

More online testing exposure also gives administrators a better understanding of student achievement. These tests can highlight in which subjects students are struggling and give valuable feedback on educator performance.


Specialized Reach

Some companies, like Intervene K-12, use data-driven instruction to offer tailored support to small groups of struggling students. One area of focus is on English Language Learners.

Intervene K-12 can remotely pair English Language Learners with other students letting them access groups of peers.  Evidence shows that these struggling students have a higher likelihood to experience academic success when given a support network of peers.

But small group tutoring isn’t just helpful for students learning a new language. A Harvard study found that small groups increase “attendance, efficiency, and persistence” of all students. The small group structure exposes students to different ethnic and cultural groups, keeping them engaged.

Small-group online tutoring programs therefore can actually help combat inequalities in household socio-economic status.


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