Data Dash – Assessments & Analytics

Data Dash

Intervene K-12 offers an analytics dashboard throughout the tutoring process with an extensive Data Dash. After each assessment, the Data Dash shows real-time results. Our Data Dash eliminates the manual and tedious process of using a standard item analysis by automatically patterning incorrect answers.

Data Dash™ Features

• Formative Assessments provide real time intervention progress and action-driven recommendations.

• Small Groups are created for the teachers to help in planning and tracking small group intervention.

A Readiness Summary allows teachers to see student performance and misconceptions. It allows teachers to find the most important concepts to teach to improve student outcomes.

• Research-based assessment techniques identify students’ strengths and areas of need. It also measures instructional effectiveness. Data Dash helps educators uncover and focus on misconceptions and distractors. Students are grouped by misconceptions to allow for differentiated instruction.

Data Dash

Benchmarks & Progress Monitoring

Assessments and progress monitoring are key elements to the RTI process. Intervene K-12 creates personalized assessments from our test bank spanning across multiple subjects and grade levels. Each assessment analyzes student distractors/misconceptions.

A State Standards-Aligned Math, Reading, Writing Question Database allows teachers to choose the questions they want to use. Distractor analysis allows interventionists to find specific foundational misconceptions and make a plan for Tier I, II, or III intervention in just a few minutes. Small grouping uses patterns of errors in student understanding.