English Language Proficiency Universal Screener

What we offer English Language Learners

English Language Proficiency Universal Screener is an assessment platform that also offers practice  for English Language Learners (ELs). It is specifically designed to prepare students for English Language Proficiency Assessments.

For Educators The screener provides educators with real-time progress on student language proficiency of the four tested domains.

For Students – The screener mimics the test design for the state language assessments giving them the confidence to master reading, writing, listening & speaking objectives.

English Language Learners

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How do we measure and drive growth for English Language Learners?

Through authentic demonstration of language skills, aligned instruction, and online practice.

Authentic Instruction + Practice = Growth

English Language Screeners

Student are guided to improve their English language acquisition. Through our SaaS platform, students have the opportunity to practice for English Language proficiency measurements wearing headsets with a microphone.  The experience trains students to master the proficiency exams while building confidence and growth in the four language domains

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Data-driven – Online English Instruction

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Lessons are aligned to English Language Proficiency Standards