A Data-Driven Intervention Program with High-Dosage Online Tutoring

Data + Tutoring = Growth.

Intervene K-12 uses data-driven instruction with online small group intervention programs to help K-12 schools improve student outcomes. We provide a fully integrated intervention program educators can trust to drive measurable student growth.

School leaders rely on Intervene K-12 to provide intervention through high-dosage tutoring. We improve student outcomes through deep analyses of student skill deficits, differentiated lessons, and live online small group personalized instruction either during the school day or after school. Intervene K-12 provides tutoring in a variety of subject areas for K-12 schools includuing Math, Reading, and English Language support.

# of
students impacted
10 %
Students passed state standardized tests
15 %
Average Growth

Online Tutoring

Our online tutoring platform allows your students to access quality tutors during or after the school day.

Data Driven Instruction

An algorithm calculates what your students struggle with so you don't have to.

Intervention Efficiency

Our dashboards provide recommendations for scheduling and planning intervention.

Formative Assessments

Teachers and interventionists can gauge student understanding and measure progress.

Our Solutions

Live Online Small Group Tutoring

We take the traditional small group instruction approach with an online setting. Intervene K-12 offers 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 group tutoring to help students reach their full potential. Our tutors are familiar with common distractors/misconceptions and have experience working with students of all grade levels.


The Data Dash allows teachers to see assessment results. Once a teacher has created an assessment, they can assign it to their class. Students will take the assessment online and their results are automatically shown. Detailed assessment reports are available so that teachers can see exactly what students are struggling with.

English Learner Support

Intervene K-12 provides specialized support for English Learners. Our online English programs blend assessments, analytics, instruction, and culturally relevant content to support students in English language proficiency.


TELPAS Pro evaluates and drives progress for students to become proficient in the use of academic English. It provides assessments to monitor English proficiency and prepares students for TELPAS by allowing them to practice in an environment similar to TELPAS.

Our Results

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Average Proficiency Growth
on TELPAS assessments is at least one Proficiency level

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