English Learners Credit Academic Success to Tutoring

In 2022, English learner students represented 10% of the total K-12 student population. Take a student like Ella, whose family only speaks Spanish. She is the first in her family to navigate the American school system.

Ella would likely struggle to ask her peers for help if she didn’t understand her teacher’s instruction due to a language barrier, and she is more likely to feel disconnected from her school. In the long run, she may score lower on standardized tests, not meet the language proficiency requirements for jobs, or even drop out of school early.


District Aid

With such an influx of online resources and costly tutors, it can be overwhelming for families to find a tutor or academic group for students like Ella to gain help. Luckily, Ella’s school district partners year-to-year with a consistent and reliable database of tutors.

Programs like Intervene K-12 combine the data of thousands of students to create comprehensive tutoring programs. These programs support students with personalized small-group tutoring and frequent assessments that provide important feedback for teachers and students alike.

This means that while Ella’s parents are at work, she has a tutor ready to help answer questions, address misconceptions, and improve her language proficiency. District partnerships like these help students like Ella keep up with her peers, and provide instruction outside of a crowded classroom.


Student Success Stories

According to K-12 teacher Laura Johnson: “Online learning changed my world. I found I had greater access to resources and more creative outlets.” Virtual tutoring gave her the tools she needed to progressively integrate English Language into her curriculum by creating comics, digital images, and other resources.

Tutoring has such a crucial impact on English language learners because it offers individualized attention that they don’t get in a crowded classroom. When separated into smaller peer groups that are grouped by skill level, students become more likely to interact with each other, overcome language barriers, and create social bonds.

The benefit of online tutoring is undeniable for English Language learners and their families. It provides students the opportunity to learn at their pace in ways designed for them, creating student success.


More About Intervene K-12

With Intervene K-12, students in Texas experience a 58% average Proficiency Growth on TELPAS assessments in at least one proficiency level.

For schools in Texas, we use TELPAS Pro and online small-group tutoring to help English Language learners become proficient in their use of English. Learn more here.


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