Learn How Different Countries are using the Power of Tutoring

Tutoring has been a long-used solution for students to fill gaps in their day-to-day learning. Whether it’s just having more personal instruction time or being taught in a new way, it’s no surprise tutors improve in-class performance for students.

K-12 teachers and school districts also benefit from their students receiving supplemental support. When students are prepared, have effective study skills, and have a positive relationship with learning they’re able to learn more each year.

Keep reading to see how different countries are using tutoring today to push their students’ achievement farther.


Pandemic Recovery Resources

 In 2021, on-demand tutoring had over a 76% share of the total global revenue in tutoring services. This was partially due to the worldwide school closures during the pandemic. More families, regardless of geographic location, recognized that transitioning to online instruction would create learning gaps in education delivery for K-12 students.

We researched how the Nepal government effectively used tutoring as a solution for learning gaps back in December of 2021. The country “launched an e-learning portal, “Sikai Chautari,” an open library for local students from classes 1 to 10”. This platform launched in two languages, Nepali and English, to give students access to reading materials when they couldn’t go to school.

Canada had a similar program launched in February of 2022, only a few months later. “The Ontario Government invested in one-to-one digital tutoring to support learning for teachers and students” with the online tutoring platforms, EurekaTech and Mathify. With students having access to supplemental help outside of the physical classroom, educators are able to focus on developing their lesson plans.


Talent Development

 In addition to teaching the normal classroom topics from ELA to mathematics, countries found that tutoring helps develop unique skill sets in each student. With more personalized time and data collection, tutoring programs pinpoint the skills and interests of each student. And best of all, tutors have an almost unlimited bank of online teaching and learning solutions for any given topic.

India is one of many countries that utilized this opportunity. Last February, “the Indian Government launched NEAT 2.0, an AI-driven common online learning platform”. NEAT gave students free access to learn a variety of employable skills at a personalized pace. Many upper K-12 students used NEAT to explore topics they had interest in specializing in, helping them find jobs and higher education placements.


Instant Access via Smartphones

 Everywhere in the world today is experiencing the widespread adoption of smartphones. It’s estimated that 53% of students in the United States have a smartphone by age 11. This creates an opportunity for on-the-go and easily accessible learning opportunities.

Canva, a leading global visual communication platform, was one of the first to combine their popular phone application with tutoring. Back in November 2021 Canva partnered with the online tutoring platform, Vedantu. Together, Vedantu and Canva created India’s first-ever design challenge. “Both companies intend to celebrate the creativity, curiosity, and discovery of children and teachers all across the country” so students can learn skills that spark their interest anywhere they go.


Data Tracking

Lastly, tutoring is exceptionally helpful in tracking student data and predicting education trends. Student-reported feedback and frequent assessments can shed light on where students are growing and struggling at large. This data can create suggestions for educators’ curriculum plans to keep pace with the modern student.

To remain globally competitive in the workplace, China is using AI to identify student talent. By using AI in their education systems, they are able to scout K-12 students for skills or behaviors common in designated career fields. For example, the AI can detect if a young student has similar cognitive results to a professional in architecture or computer science and suggest niche topics for them to learn.

Tutoring has always had an impact on our education systems and we are seeing it grow now more than ever. Especially for on-demand online courses, there is an expected growth rate of 15% per year! Looking into how global leaders have used online data integrations with talent development can guide how we create the most opportunities for today’s students.


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