Why Tutoring is going to be Essential for Student Growth

The way we teach K-12 students is changing. There’s a growing need and emphasis on customizing lessons to individual needs. Accelerated student learning is providing students with data-driven supplements to in-class learning. Tutoring is able to deliver students with lessons spot-on to their knowledge level and learning style. Many districts are using tutoring now to supplement learning in the classroom. It’s essential for student growth.

Tutoring techniques such as small group tutoring provides students with the necessary skills for success. Below are a few of the main reasons why tutoring will be an essential aid to future classroom success.


Personalized Learning

 It’s not surprising to see K-12 students excelling in school with the emergence of personalized instruction. This approach allows students to receive specialized help in the subjects they’re falling behind in. Another benefit is the time students get back when they aren’t spending time repeating concepts they already understand.

Extended face-to-face time with a tutor increases the students’ level of trust compared to sitting in a classroom full of students. In smaller groups with tutors, students are more likely to ask questions and will usually have a more comprehensive understanding of the topic after tutoring.

Tutoring also allows students to dive deeper into their niche interests which helps jump-start their career ideas.


More Inclusive Skill Benchmarking

 Tutoring in-school also provides opportunities to a wider reach of students that might not typically have access to outside help. Prior to starting a tutoring program in the school, it’s ideal to test students to see where they are struggling. Every few lessons, an assessment is necessary again to establish a benchmark. The tutor is able to group students according to needs and adjust lessons according to common misconceptions.


Better-Prepared Educators

Both tutoring programs and K-12 teachers have the same goal in mind. It’s all about improving student outcomes. It’s important to remember how these work hand-in-hand together, not envisioning them as competitors.

Tutors excel in understanding how to take a struggling student, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and help them excel in school. Tutoring builds different skills than teaching because they’re able to connect with students in smaller environments. Tutors should be trained in RTI and data-driven instruction.

A study by educator preparation researchers found that teachers who began as tutors performed more successfully in their first years. Students’ learning accelerates from having educators with this expertise. Especially for high-need and hard-to-staff schools, having a foundation from tutoring expands teachers’ ability to have higher success in these understaffed districts.

The future of education is expanding to accommodate all students equally with increased catering to individual learning styles. Tutoring makes up for cost differences in different K-12 educational institutions while aiding student knowledge gaps. As technology integrates into the classroom, data-driven face-to-face online tutoring is going to be a more widely used solution in the coming years.


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