How Tutoring Can Help Address the Teacher Shortage

What’s Happening: A National Teacher Shortage

School districts nationwide are facing massive staffing shortages which are directly causing educator burnout. As K-12 teachers experience more stress in the workplace, this problem is only going to grow.

Chad Aldeman, Policy Director at Georgetown University’s Edunomics Lab, says, “Teachers, if you survey them, are dissatisfied, unhappy, and they say they are considering leaving.”

To understand the teacher shortage better, here are some of the top reasons that teachers are leaving:

  • Complications with the pandemic.
  • Dissatisfaction with compensation.
  • Challenging work conditions, such as a lack of leadership and support.
  • Inadequate preparation and resources.

In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by GBAO Strategies 55% of educators indicated that they are now ready to leave the profession earlier than they had planned.

Overloading and overworking teachers not only takes a toll on their well-being, but also significantly impacts their students’ academic performance.


Tutoring Companies Filling The Gap

Here’s the good news: tutoring programs have helped address this staffing shortage by supplementing in-class education and taking the stress off of K-12 teachers.

Programs such as high-impact, high-dosage tutoring, with data-driven instruction, and English learning support can empower students to get individualized support outside of their regular classroom.

These programs allow educators to follow curriculum guides and meet deadlines while making sure that no student falls behind. For example, high-dosage tutoring allows students with similar misconceptions to meet in intensive small-group tutoring sessions to target key problem areas. Tutors can also take the same small group model and focus on providing English learning support to emerging bilingual students.

A little extra time and instruction greatly impacts both students and teachers. Tutoring has become an important part of the solution to the teacher shortage for many K-12 schools.


Is Tutoring Here To Stay?

We don’t expect K-12 tutoring to be leaving anytime soon considering the proven success in helping students increase test scores, achieve learning goals, and gain confidence in their ability to learn.

Tutoring continues to evolve and is now offered online to allow for personalized help to be accessible by any student, no matter their schedule. Online tutoring incorporates teaching styles for visual, auditory, and hands-on learners, so that each student can learn in a way that increases their retention rate. These different ways of teaching, along with data-driven approaches, can help determine how often and how long each student needs to study keeping them on-track and alleviating teacher burnout.


What We Do at Intervene K-12

At Intervene K-12, we’re pioneering tutoring with RTI and technology, allowing us to drive research-based online instruction into the classroom. Our solutions include: Live and online small group tutoring, data-dash assessments for teachers, specialized English Learner support, and TELPAS Pro™ assessments to prepare students for the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS).

You can learn more about Intervene-K12 here.


About Us

At Intervene K-12, we engage and empower students to achieve their academic goals. We unlock the potential of educators and administrators, improving their ability to lead and use data to deliver world-class instruction. We accomplish this by infusing innovative technology and educational expertise in our high-impact, high-dosage tutoring programs.