Three Ways to Use Data to Improve Student Outcomes

The proliferation of data and tech in education has created limitless new ways for educators to offer support to students both in and out of the classroom.  Learn how these innovations are driving student performance, with three quick ways to improve use of data in the classroom.


Implement Regular Learning Assessments

Routine learning assessments and comprehension checks can also help students grow. The data found in these assessments can be used to identify patterns of incorrect answers, reducing the tedious process of standard item analysis.


More importantly, regular assessments help students practice their learning after the lesson is over, reinforcing learning over time. Short and frequent learning assessments help students become better test takers in the long term: easing testing anxiety and developing productive study skills.


Restructure How You Pace Information Delivery

Many educators are faced with the same problem in their classroom: “Many students will disengage or act out because they are bored or because they have already mastered the material. They may also be frustrated and lost due to the pace of the class being too fast.”

Teachers can better pace lessons for their students using assessment results.

Data specific tools can help teachers actually create customized lesson paces that adjust to the performance of the class. These tools recognize the optimal learning speeds of small groups of students and automatically suggest a classroom delivery speed for different topics. This takes the stress off of teachers, helping them better understand how a class’ learning speed changes from year-to-year and student-to-student.


Offer Supplemental Instruction

Customizing lesson speed can be taken a step further by offering supplemental learning help for students who need it. For example, English Language Learners, who may find it difficult to keep up with the pace of instruction, can receive small group tutoring that helps them improve their language skills and content comprehension.

Implementing the above practices in the classroom can help prevent students from “falling through the cracks.” By offering routines, assessments, personalized pacing, and supplemental instruction, districts can help students of all ages succeed.



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